Systems Design & Development

At Speculate we simply ensure we provide top level best our on all our Web based apps

Why Web based Apps : ~ Unlike random apps web-based apps simply ensure connectivity everywhere you go your data will always be with you, with simply access to a device that’s able to connect to the internet you will be able to gain access to your app.

What to expect on our Web~Apps

Self service – TRUE business intelligence system allowing for individual style / preferences.
Industry individuality – tailored solutions relevant and specific to industry needs
Key insights aligned to relevant role or domain

Analytics at your fingertips 24/7
Platform for insights/ideas and quick sharing / collaboration forum
Incorporating a smart mitigating information overload mechanism to enhance your focus

The following are examples of developed systems by Speculate Techs , we provide the demo to the clients once we receive the clients requirements so as to be able to provide a platform that the client relates to.

M-Files is a super simple, lightweight web portal that you can use on your website today (no developer needed!) to allow your clients to keep track of their files and give them access to all files at any time.

All files uploaded remain available to you and your clients for retrieval any time.All your clients have own provided login details to access their own individual uploaded files, this ensures every clients only access their own provided files. 

N/B  M-Files is a Web-Based tool which means that you can use it wherever you are, from any mobile device. This gives the user choice as to when and where they use the application, promoting flexible working within businesses to increase the overall employee productivity.

Our simplest explanation is that it’s a way to organise Appointments ,Bookings and tasks .
Planner provides a hub for personnel’s to organise Clients appointments ,Reschedule or event update appointments in real time ,with inbuilt notification to notify the Clients,
Clients as well have the ablity to make online booking and appointment to the Service provider ,via its own built online booking platform.
It also provides a centralised place where data is stored and only shared to authorised personnel’s with the required access rights.

Planner comes in to transform and automate day to day activities getting rid of the old way of writing down long ,mixed up plan in diaries.

E-Home  is as well a  data analysis 100% built system by Inova Techs that uses as well the concept of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for organizations’ decision-making. 

E-Home comes into making work easier for the landlord’s in that they can easily be able to manage their own properties at ease.

This is a well-designed system that comes in to transform any type of business in that assists business owners in making work easier via tracking the various activities in the business e.g expenses, sales profits, and losses as well as being able to track overall business performance.

Ava is a Shifts management system. Ava is built to enable different to post and request shifts from qualified personnel’s with certain skills certifications. 

The posted request will be visible to skilled personnel’s based on the indicated client’s requirements, from which they will be able to pickup these shifts request and provide the needed services to the clients.

Request a Demo On the Products

Hey there 👋 feel free to request a live demo from our well trained personnel’s on any of the products posted.

Note :Due to the Covid pandemic we advice all demo to be done online via Zoom ,Google Meet or Skype.