Who We Are.

Speculate is a Tech-based organization, established on March 25, 2018 via its core founders initially known as Inova-Techs, whose main function is based on Web designs and website developments. We design webs for various aspects as well to various clients, Over time we have been growing physically as well based on our skills in that now providing even more than just web developments services, we currently provide other technology-based services with currently now over 4yrs experience in the industry in the information Tech field.

We are located at THE CLOSE building in Ngara Opposite RainBow Towers.

Due to this growth, we are now able to offer other services apart from just web design and developments, such services include-:

 Our custom WordPress website designs are developed with premium themes, modern plugins, keywords-rich content and a strategic approach geared to your overall objectives.

We design and develop custom based systems that come into transforming and automating client’s requirements.

Find your business name online via our huge domain list as well providing hosting services on all your websites.

Providing custom based data analysis tools and data collection tools to coming in  making work easier.